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Independent Projects Reflection

This year my independent project was on The Science of the Rubik's Cube and I presented using a Prezi presentation. The part of my project that I liked the most was the moment where I finally understood everything that I was reading and just that Ah Ha moment during my research. The hardest part of this project for me was at the very beginning of my research. This is the time when I was first reading about the Group Theory and I didn't understand anything that I was reading. However, as I kept reading and tried different sources, the reading became easier to understand. I improved as a learner during this project by learning that even if you don't understand something at first, if you keep trying and keep going you will eventually learn and get better. Learning this way is the best way because then the feeling after you learn it is just so much better. If I could do the entire project over the one thing that I would do differently would be making sure that during m…

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