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Images of Greatness Reflection

My Image of Greatness was Inky Johnson. Inky Johnson is an Image of Greatness because he is the perfect example of triumph after tragedy and selflessness. He lived in a bad town in even worse conditions, but he never let his circumstances define who he was going to be. He worked hard all his life for a goal and even when that goal was taken away from him he didn't let that stop him. He found a new way to inspire others. They said he never had a chance, so he created his own chance and that's what I admire about him.
         I've always preferred to work on hands-on parts of projects rather than typing an essay, so the work I did on my board made me feel the proudest. It just came out really well and I enjoyed working on it.
         The most challenging part of this project by far was the Bio Riddle. Everything from memorizing it to having to go on stage and say to an audience. The memorization was hard, but it was the performing what we had memorized that was n…

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