Friday, September 30, 2016

Shakespeare Reflection

         In this unit we learned about Shakespeare and his 400th anniversary of his death. When I first heard that we were doing a shakespeare unit I was super excited because I knew who he was and what he did but I really didn't know anything about him in depth so I knew that learning about him was going to be super fun and excited. Some events that changed my feelings about the unit was that the whole thing was funny. We watched and read Taming of The Shrew and I thought that his plays were all serious but his comedies are actually very funny and I enjoyed that.
         In Taming of the Shrew Kate seemed to be tamed at the end if the story but in my opinion I didn't think she was. I thought that she was tamed and calmed down a little but that she was also just pretending. The reason I think this is that for the entire story up to a little bit before that she was still crazy and so was Petruchio, so I think that it is kind of a half and half opinion on it.
         We went on a field trip to see want of a Shakespeare's first folio's ever printed. This folio is important because it's really just a massive piece of history. Without it we might not know some things about shakespeare that we do know. There are only 235 of them in the whole world and getting to see one is special.
         We had also learned about Shakespearean insults and death scenes and the one thing that I took away from those was that Shakespeare was not afraid. He did these elaborated death scenes and weird sounding insults, but because he was confident in writing and performing them they were a huge hit in every way.
         Some people might think it's not important to read and learn about Shakespeare since he has been dead for 400 years but boy are they wrong. Every day we use tons of phrases and words that were invented by Shakespeare and we don't even know it. By learning about it we appreciate our english language more. Shakespeare was a vital and important part to our history and by learning about him you're not only not learning about that history, but you are also not learning about why that is still important to us today.
         In conclusion I have learned that Shakespeare has not only changed our language and every thing about it but he has also changed us.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

2016-2017 1st Blog Post

       This year for my first blog post I am going to be setting some brand new goals for this year. My academic goal is to have straight A's all year long. My Behavioral goal is to not get into any trouble with teachers and not have a detention of any sort. My final goal for this year is an improvement goal. This year I really want to improve my ability to study at home quicker because I would always be able to get things done but they would take longer then they should so I would like to improve that.
       All three of these goals are going to be very important for me this year because they all are to make me a better learner and to improve my skills in school and life.  

Friday, June 3, 2016


For Nick and I's project we studied blacksmiths and blacksmithing. I really enjoyed this project and the part that I had the most fun with was finding the facts for it because they were so interesting. If I could do something over and do it better it would be getting a little more done on time then what we did. If you would like to view our project it is right below. I hope you enjoy it.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Independent Projects: The Science of Astronomy

       For my Independent project I chose The Science of Astronomy. The reason I picked this topic is the fact that I love astronomy and I wanted to learn so much more about because I have always been fascinated by it. Now there is no way that I would be able to cover the entire topic of astronomy so I decided to focus on the science of it. So I studied how astronomer study it, why they study, and what they use to study it, etc. That was my topic for my Independent project.
       The part of my project that made me the most proud definitely had to be the presentation of my prezi. This made me proud because I was nervous when presenting but after it everyone gave good comments and said that they liked it and that just made me feel like all the work and research payed off. That was the part I was most proud of.
      The two most interesting things that I learned in my project were two things that I thought were very cool. The first one was that there are different types of astronomers. I always thought that there were just astronomers but it turns out there are dozens of different kinds of astronomer that study different things in the field of astronomy which when I thing about it makes a lot of sense. The second most interesting thing that I learned was astronomy was one of the first things ever studied which I thought was really cool because the thing that I want to do has been done for a crazy long time which is awesome.
      If there was one thing that I could improve on my project it would be my presentation. I wish I wouldn't have been so nervous and I thing that I needed to speak out more to the audience.
     Well that is my project reflection, if you would like to view this prezi it's right below.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Invent Iowa Project

               For Goal we had to come up with some sort of an invention that would solve a problem in the world. The problem that I thought of instantly was the horrible amount of pollution in the world. I thought of this because I had heard so much about it on the news and other places. I decided to narrow it down a little bit and focus mainly on cars and vehicles. 65% of the pollution in the world comes from vehicles such as cars, planes, and motorcycles. So I decided to come up with an invention to solve this problem.
             For my invention I decided to come up with an invention that would take the Co2 that comes out of the exhaust pipe of the vehicle and turns it back into fuel and then I learned that if you take hydrogen and Co2 and charge them with energy it will create fuel that could be used again. So the invention that I made will have turbines that take the Co2 and hydrogen from the air and then charge it with electricity so that it can be used over and over again. This would not only cut down on over half of pollution but it would also make it so the whole world would no longer have to waste money mining for oil because they could just reuse it.
          The process of creating this invention went very well. I was above schedule for working and I thought that the final product (which was my display board) turned out to look very nice and professional. The only big challenge there was in this was researching and making sure that this would work but it did in the end.
         If there was one thing I could change or modify about my invention it would be my conceptual model because I could definitely made more detailed and easier to understand for people that are looking at it.
         My advice for future inventors is an invention doesn't have to be something huge that will save the world. It should just be something that would make this place we call home better. So if you think its good then it will be. Just be sure someone hasn't made it already though. You should check that first.   Here is and image of my display board.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Comics, Cartoons, and Graphic Novels Final project


    For my Comics, Cartoons, and Graphic Novels project I choose option 1 which was to make 32 different characters. Now in this project the main thing that I did that I had learned about in this unit was motion. In my opinion motion is a very important thing when writing a comic, cartoon, or graphic novel and I think that I did it pretty well in these pictures.
      My first reason why I think this is in the lower left hand corner of the picture on the left side you will see a picture of a soccer player kicking a ball into the goal. The I showed motion in this is I put little lines behind it to show that the ball is going in the direction of the goal.
    Another example of motion is the character in the upper left hand corner of the picture on the left. In this picture I made it look like the carpenter was bringing the hammer in a downward motion to hit the nail. These two are only a few of the ones where I showed motion in this project.
     In conclusion I thing motion is very important in this project because without motion nothing interesting is happening in my opinion.