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DWA Publishing 1st Quarter

          If I could either have a job where I would get paid a lot, but hate the job or get paid just enough to get by and love my job, then I would rather have a job where got paid just enough and loved what I was doing. In my opinion, if you love something then you should keep doing it and if you absolutely hate something than you should stop doing that. Even though I wouldn't get paid a lot I would be loving what I'm doing and I would still be making enough money to have a good life. You could have a job that would give you enough money to get fancy and expensive things, but at the end of the day you still hate what your doing. That's why I would much rather have a job I love.
         The world is so messed up in so many ways that I couldn't name everything wrong if I had two months to do it. There's Racism, Global Warming, Terrorism, Poverty, and so many more. However, one big one is just the sole fact that humans can't get along and be n…

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