Shakespeare Reflection

         In this unit we learned about Shakespeare and his 400th anniversary of his death. When I first heard that we were doing a shakespeare unit I was super excited because I knew who he was and what he did but I really didn't know anything about him in depth so I knew that learning about him was going to be super fun and excited. Some events that changed my feelings about the unit was that the whole thing was funny. We watched and read Taming of The Shrew and I thought that his plays were all serious but his comedies are actually very funny and I enjoyed that.
         In Taming of the Shrew Kate seemed to be tamed at the end if the story but in my opinion I didn't think she was. I thought that she was tamed and calmed down a little but that she was also just pretending. The reason I think this is that for the entire story up to a little bit before that she was still crazy and so was Petruchio, so I think that it is kind of a half and half opinion on it.
         We went on a field trip to see want of a Shakespeare's first folio's ever printed. This folio is important because it's really just a massive piece of history. Without it we might not know some things about shakespeare that we do know. There are only 235 of them in the whole world and getting to see one is special.
         We had also learned about Shakespearean insults and death scenes and the one thing that I took away from those was that Shakespeare was not afraid. He did these elaborated death scenes and weird sounding insults, but because he was confident in writing and performing them they were a huge hit in every way.
         Some people might think it's not important to read and learn about Shakespeare since he has been dead for 400 years but boy are they wrong. Every day we use tons of phrases and words that were invented by Shakespeare and we don't even know it. By learning about it we appreciate our english language more. Shakespeare was a vital and important part to our history and by learning about him you're not only not learning about that history, but you are also not learning about why that is still important to us today.
         In conclusion I have learned that Shakespeare has not only changed our language and every thing about it but he has also changed us.


  1. I liked your post. It was well written and I liked your opinion on Kate

  2. Nice!
    It was long and helpful. :D

  3. I liked your conclusion at the end of your post. Your post was also well thought out. I agree that we do use lots of his words and phrases in our daily lives. Did you know he invented over 1700 of our common words and phrases? - Carter Thompson

  4. Evan, I liked how you went a little above and beyond. It was very educational. Awesome job.

  5. I enjoyed reading this post. You weren't repetitive and it flowed nicely into the next paragraphs. I agree with almost everything you said... I kind of wish you explained more on why you think Kate wasn't tamed though. Maybe you can tell me more about your reasoning?


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